Why my card was charged but I do not have order confirmation?

Credit/Debit cards are declined automatically in our system due to age or address verification (AVS mismatch, the information does not match the billing address on record with card issuer).

Due to fraud protection, additional information is needed:
- Photocopy of your government issued ID Including your picture, name.
- Photocopy of the Credit Card used for this purchase (Last four digits of the card and the name must be clearly visible)

Please note that the cardholder must be your name and it should be the same card for the payment of your order.

. If additional information is required you will be contacted by a representative within 2-3 business days. Once your information is received and verified, we will complete the order processing. If the information is not received within 2-3 business days of request, the order will be cancelled and refunded back to the original payment form used.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. We value our customer’s privacy and security, please cooperate actively.



Must I have Customs clearance ability and what is it ?

Express and international package, customs duty is not included.

If customs clearance generates customs duties, the recipients are required to assist in customs clearance and pay customs duties. Otherwise, it may return or be destroyed.

We encourage you to check the local customs office for potential import taxes, duties, and tariffs, before placing an order. In addition, some products may require special licenses or permits to import.

The Tax/Customs fee in the destination country is at the customer's expense. All customers are responsible to check with their local Customs office for any potential import taxes, duties, and tariffs.