Introducing OXVA Online Store Parcel Insurance!

Introducing OXVA Online Store Parcel Insurance!

🛡️ **Introducing OXVA Online Store Parcel Insurance!** 🛡️

Your shopping peace of mind matters to us, which is why we're thrilled to unveil our latest offering: OXVA Online Store Parcel Insurance. 📦✨

🔒 **Why Choose OXVA Parcel Insurance?**
In a world where shipping uncertainties exist, we've got your back. Our parcel insurance covers delays, damage, and loss, ensuring your shopping journey remains worry-free.

💰 **Coverage Details:**
- **Delay Compensation:** Receive up to 5 (local currency) compensation for delays caused by unforeseen circumstances.
- **Loss Coverage:** Enjoy protection for the actual value of your purchased item(s) in the unfortunate event of loss.
- **Damage Safeguard:** We're here for you if items arrive unusable due to damage. We cover the value you paid for the item(s), ensuring your satisfaction.

📝 **How Does Buyer Protection Work?**
1. Opt for Buyer Protection when placing your order.
2. Receive an email outlining your coverage and issue reporting instructions.
3. Should any issue arise – delay, damage, or loss – report it via our Seel Claim Portal.
4. Our policy rules will guide the assessment process for payout eligibility.
5. Qualifying cases receive refunds via a prepaid credit card, delivering peace of mind directly to your inbox.

🕒 **Timely Issue Reporting:**
- For **Loss Issues:** Report no sooner than 30 days after domestic shipment or 60 days for international shipments after order fulfillment.
- For **Damage Issues:** Report within 15 days after the delivery date.
- For **Delay Issues:** Report no sooner than 10 days after domestic shipment or 30 days for international shipments after order fulfillment.
- All issues must be reported within 90 days of the order date.

💌 **Payout Process:**
To receive your eligible payout, submit your issue at Seel Resolve Center. We'll review your request and send a virtual credit card payout via email.

Secure your shopping experience! Opt for OXVA Online Store Parcel Insurance and add an extra layer of protection to your upcoming orders. 🛒✨ Your satisfaction remains our priority.

Shop confidently with OXVA – where your convenience and peace of mind are our commitments. 🌟




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