Ontario Doubles Vaping Tax to Curb Youth Vaping

Ontario Doubles Vaping Tax to Curb Youth Vaping

At OXVA STORE, we believe in keeping our valued customers informed about the latest developments in the vaping industry. Recently, the Ontario government announced its partnership with Canada's national government to double the tax on all vaping products sold in the province. This move is part of a federal/provincial tax "partnership" scheme introduced in 2022, allowing provinces to double the current federal vape tax and retain half of the proceeds.

The current federal tax, which has been in effect since October 2022, charges $1 per two milliliters (or portion thereof) for the first 10 mL of e-liquid in a sealed container and $1 per 10 mL for additional liquid beyond the first 10 mL. With this new tax scheme, Ontario vapers will pay double the current federal tax, which means an extra $7 in taxes on a 30 mL bottle of vape juice will double to $14, and $1 per prefilled pod will increase to $2 per pod.

The provincial government justifies this tax increase as a health measure, aiming to reduce youth vaping and prevent vapers from transitioning to smoking. However, it's important to note that extensive research suggests that vaping product restrictions, including taxes, can inadvertently lead to an increase in cigarette sales and smoking. This is because vapes and cigarettes are economic substitutes, and making one more expensive can drive consumers towards the other.

The vaping community in Ontario, represented by organizations like Rights4Vapers and the Canadian Vaping Association, has expressed concerns about the impact of this tax increase. They argue that vapers deserve access to an affordable alternative to smoking and that such punitive taxation could lead to more illicit trade, business closures, job losses, and increased criminal activity.

Despite these concerns, the Ontario government believes that this tax will discourage youth from vaping, citing research that suggests a link between youth vaping and smoking initiation. Public health experts and organizations like the Canadian Cancer Society support taxation as a critical tool to reduce vaping, especially among young people.

At OXVA STORE, we are closely monitoring these developments to keep our customers informed about the evolving landscape of vaping regulations worldwide. We remain committed to providing high-quality vaping products and supporting our community of vapers.





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