Origin X Anniversary Edition

Origin X Anniversary Edition
It's been a full year since the launch of the Origin X in July 2020! Here comes the special anniversay edition for the Origin X, 6 colors from 6 different designers!This is Limited Edition enhanced with metallic button.
Six Colors: Shero, Beer cap, Warrior, Batik, Crane, Firefox
# Animals are lives, they feel pain also#
# Warriors are meant to protect, instead of kill#
# Collecting caps in childhood, collecting vapes in adulthood#
SHERO-  OXVA origin x anniversay editionBeer Cap-  OXVA origin x anniversay editionWarrior-  OXVA origin x anniversay editionbatik - oxva origin x anniversary edition
crane -  OXVA origin x anniversay editionFIREFOX -  OXVA origin x anniversay edition


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