OXVA Steals the Spotlight at Tobacco Plus Expo – TPE 2023 with Unparalleled Product Showcase!

OXVA Steals the Spotlight at Tobacco Plus Expo – TPE 2023 with Unparalleled Product Showcase!

*February 22-24, 2023 at Las Vegas Convention Center - OXVA Booth 2248*

The highly-anticipated Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) 2023 has come to a close, and what an extraordinary event it was for OXVA, the premier online store for vaping enthusiasts! Our presence at Booth 2248 was met with an overwhelming response from visitors, OXVA fans, and vaping enthusiasts alike. Let's take a look back at the thrilling activities and the ecstatic winners who walked away with our fantastic prizes.

**Activity 1: Scratch Lucky Card**

From the very first day of the expo, our Scratch Lucky Card activity became an instant hit! OXVA staff handed out scratch cards to every visitor who entered the expo, and the excitement was palpable as they scratched off the coating to reveal their prizes. The lucky winners were beaming with joy as they claimed their rewards, which ranged from stylish T-shirts and trendy keychains to versatile 3-in-1 charging cables, cool caps, comfortable wristbands, and spacious nylon bags. The delight on their faces was priceless, and it warmed our hearts to see how thrilled they were with their surprise gifts.

**Activity 2: Turntable Activity**

The Turntable Activity at our booth was an absolute crowd-pleaser. Everyone who visited us had the chance to spin the wheel and win an incredible gift. OXVA fans and vaping enthusiasts lined up eagerly for their turn, hoping to land on the grand prize. The booth was buzzing with excitement, and the air was filled with cheers of joy as lucky winners walked away with their coveted OXVA XLIM V2 kits, OXBARs, T-shirts, caps, and lanyards. The beaming smiles on their faces were proof of the excitement and happiness they experienced at our booth.

**Activity 3: Take a Survey, Get a OXVA Gift**

Our passion for engaging with our community led us to conduct surveys to better understand our customers' preferences. The response from visitors was overwhelming, and many of our loyal OXVA fans and vaping enthusiasts eagerly participated in the survey. As a token of our appreciation for their valuable insights, we gifted them with a product package consisting of the popular Xlim V2 kit and a sleek laser bag. Their enthusiasm and willingness to share their thoughts with us touched our hearts deeply.

**OXBAR Line: A Positive Surprise for All**

One of the major highlights of the expo was the resounding reception of our OXBAR line. Visitors were enchanted by the striking innovation, unparalleled quality, and, above all, the diverse range of flavors it offered. OXBAR quickly became the talk of the town, with customers and sellers effusing their admiration for this groundbreaking addition to the vaping landscape. The overwhelming positive feedback touched our hearts deeply, reaffirming our commitment to delivering exceptional products that leave a lasting impression.


The continuity of our presence at the expo allowed us to engage with a diverse audience, forging lasting bonds with both established customers and new enthusiasts. We extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who visited our OXVA booth, shared their valuable insights, and celebrated our passion for vaping.


The success of OXVA at TPE 2023 would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our loyal customers, the enthusiasm of store owners, the trust of distributors, and the dedication of our valued partners. As we set our sights on the future, we remain committed to delivering nothing short of excellence in both our products and our interactions with the vaping community.

Stay connected with us on our official website and social media channels to stay informed about upcoming product launches, exclusive offers, and more. Until we meet again at the next event, thank you for making TPE 2023 a resounding victory for OXVA and OXBAR!


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