OXVA Oneo Review – Performs Like A Sub Ohm Tank!

OXVA Oneo Review – Performs Like A Sub Ohm Tank!

Here we have a new pod kit – time for the OXVA Oneo!

oneo main

OXVA are a relatively new company, they started production in 2019. However their founder Justin Lai previously was part of Geekvape, being the brains behind the Aegis Mods and Zeus range.

oxva oneo banner

I have been a huge fan of OXVA pod kits since I first tried the  OXVA XLIM back in 2022, since then I have reviewed every model up to the most recent OXVA XLIM Pro Kit. I love these kits so much I use them heavily, daily and still have every version in use!

So as you can tell I have high hopes for the Oneo – everything crossed it lives up to the excellent reputation of other OXVA pod kits!

Thank you to OXVA for sending these over for review! I will report back honestly on the devices in my possession.

What To Expect From The OXVA Oneo…

Although this is a pod kit it is of a slightly different design to the usual offerings.


This has an all metal body (Aluminium Alloy) with an e-liquid viewing window to check your levels.


Inside the body is a 1600mAh battery which is quite a good capacity for a pod kit!


USB Type C charging is offered at a fast 2A charge rate.

The output is specified as 5-40W, but there does not appear to be any method of adjusting this so I assume the device selects the output automatically according to the pod resistance.


Along the side of the device is an RGB lighting strip which offers different lighting effects which you can choose from. Perfectly illustrated in this video below from OXVA.

Video PlayerYou can use the slide switch to adjust the incoming airflow to your preference.


This uses the Oneo pod cartridges which have the coil fixed inside, meaning no messy coil changes as you just dispose of the pod component.


Inside the pod is the Unicoil technology mesh heating element and you get the 0.4ohm and 0.6ohm pods included in the kit. There is also an 0.8ohm version available separately.

The pod will hold up to 3.5ml (standard kit) of your own e-liquid via the side fill port. Sadly for us poor buggers in the UK and other TPD regulated areas the capacity is reduced to 2ml.

Here is an introduction video from the OXVA Official YouTube Channel.



There are 6 colours to choose from: Astral Black, Midnight Blue, Space Grey, Cool Silver, Sky Blue and Phantom Pink.

oneo colours

Kit Includes

  • OXVA Oneo device
  • 0.4ohm Oneo pod
  • 0.6ohm Oneo pod
  • USB Type C cable
  • User manual

oneo contents

OXVA Oneo Specs

  • Size: 23×32.5x102mm
  • Battery: 1600mAh (internal)
  • Display: RGB lighting effect indicator
  • Output: 5-40W
  • Type C USB charging – 2A charge rate
  • Resistance range: 0.3-3ohm
  • Capacity: 3.5ml (standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • Pods: OXVA Oneo pods
  • Side fill
  • Adjustable airflow

oneo specs

OXVA Oneo Design and Build Quality

I received the Midnight Blue and Astral Black 3.5ml versions. These are samples of the standard kit. In the UK and other TPD related areas the capacity is reduced to 2ml.

oneo black blue

The packaging is low in the plastic department. The tray, outer sleeve and inner box are all cardboard. The only exceptions are the pod packaging and the foam insert in the tray. So it is good to see more sustainable packaging which can mostly be recycled.

Instruction wise, this is OK. There is a decent components diagram and the light displays, fault conditions and refilling are all explained in detail. One manual covers all the language options and English gets 2 columns before it moves onto Italian.

oneo instructions

I am left with the question about what happens when charging – there is no mention of what the LED will display.

If you would like to view the instructions online, you can also zoom in to read them easier (which I often do) you can download the PDF here.

OXVA Oneo Mod

This consists of a very lightweight Aluminium Alloy body with a matte metallic finish.

oneo front rear

The pod sits underneath the removable top cap – which I will cover in the “Pod” section.

The mod has an almost Tear Drop profile with one edge being slightly flattened.

This edge is where the dynamic LED indicator lives.

oxva oneo side view

It is an animated display and can be set to just pulse or travel in the single battery indicator colour or you can set it to a multi-colour display. It is around 33mm long so it really stands out and is easy to see. See video below for the display…

Video Player

Around the single piece body you will see the OXVA logo etched in White and the ONEO logo sits below the LED indicator.

oxva oneo LED indicator light

The rest of the body is plain apart from the stiff airflow slider lever on the opposite side to the LED.

This is quite difficult to move and the actual button only protrudes around 1mm so it shouldn’t get caught on pockets and bags. The stiff movement is actually a bonus as it is unlikely to move by itself.

oneo airflow slider

On the base of the device you will find the USB Type C port along with 2 screw heads and the required legal logos. This is great as the logos can often clutter up the design – so they are nicely placed out of the way.

oxva oneo base

This stands up easily but due to the USB connection you will need to lie it down for charging.

The top face features the pod compartment and a very strong magnet secures the top cap to the mod.

oxva oneo top view

Inside the pod compartment are 3 magnets to secure the pod and two spring loaded Gold coloured electrical connectors. Also there is what looks like the airflow path to the pod.


It is a very sleek and hand friendly design and has been well thought through.

OXVA Oneo Pod Cartridge

The pod is actually concealed by the top cap. The cap matches the finish of the mod and is held on magnetically. As you replace the top cap it makes a satisfying snap as the strong magnet draws it to the mod.

oneo top cap removed

A window on each side of the top cap gives a slightly dark view of e-liquid level.

oneo top cap liquid view

The Black device had a perfectly matching top cap, but on the Blue version there was a slight texture difference which made it look like it didn’t quite match. However other colour variants have a different finish on the top caps so I am not sure if this is deliberate?

oxva oneo top cap match

The pod can be pushed / pulled out of the top cap by pushing the mouthpiece section through the hole. It is not held into the top cap, so make sure not to drop the pod itself by accident!

oneo top cap with pod

For filling you can just remove the top cap by itself.

Looking at the pod it has a kind of Oval “C” shaped profile and has a dark smoked finish.

oxva oneo pod finish

The one side features a minimum level marking and where the bottom and top of pod meet there is an etched in “OXVA” logo.


Opposite to this is a plain side and the required legal logos are etched into the seam.

The flat side houses the fill port which has a generous cut out to insert a nail to lift the port cover. You can also swing the cover out of the way to make it easier to access the port.

oxva oneo pod design

Measuring 6mm x 4mm the fill port should accommodate most e-liquid bottle nozzles plus still allow for ventilation to prevent air locks.

oneo pod fill port

On the base of the pod you will find the resistance and power limits printed clearly.

oxva oneo pod base

There are 2 Gold coloured electrical contacts, 3 magnets and a small rectangular hole which I assume is the airflow inlet.

The pod is held into the mod magnetically and it is a super strong connection.

oneo pod no top cap

Quick Start Guide

The 0.4ohm pod is already installed, but you will have to remove it, fill it with e-liquid and then remove the isolation sticker from the pod base. The device will not work until this sticker is removed.

oneo isolator sticker

Basic Operation

  • Power On/Off = There is no On/Off function
  • Vaping = Just inhale on the mouthpiece to trigger the auto fire system.
  • Battery indicator = When vaping, the colour of the LED displays the battery charge remaining. Green = 75-100%, Blue = 50-75%, Yellow = 25-50% and Red = less than 25%. The Red LED will flash 10 times when the device needs charging. If using the multi-colour display mode – the battery status light flashes up once the multi-colour display has finished – just after vaping.
  • Battery indicator when charging = The LED will cycle through the standard colours mentioned above. The LED will go out completely when fully charged.
  • Airflow: Slide the airflow control slider to increase or decrease the incoming airflow.
  • Change lighting effect = draw (inhale) 3 times in 1.5 seconds to scroll through the lighting effects. Stop when the effect you require is displayed. You can choose from Multi-colour lighting effect, single colour lighting effect or single colour breathing light.


  • Low Battery: LED flashes Red 10 times and the device will stop working, get it charged to continue vaping.
  • Short circuit: LED flashes Red 3 times. The device will stop working. Clean the contacts, replace pod. If fault continues try another pod.
  • Over time protection: If you vape for longer than 8 seconds, the LED will flash Blue 3 times and the firing will cut off. Simply inhale again to carry on.
  • Overheat protection: The Red LED will flash 5 times. Allow to cool and continue vaping again.

How To Charge The Battery

The charging rate is specified as 2A.

  • Using a USB type C cable, connect the small end into the USB port on the mod.oxva oneo charging
  • Connect the large end of the cable into a suitable USB outlet.
  • The LED will cycle through the battery status colours whilst charging.
  • The LED will turn off when fully charged.

The charging time for me using a mains charging plug was around 1 hour 5 minutes.

How To Fill the Pod

You do not need to remove the pod from the mod for filling – my photos show the pod removed as it was easier to do one handed whilst taking a photo!

  • Remove the top cap from the mod.oneo pod no top cap
  • Lift up the fill port cover tab to access the port.oneo pod fill port
  • Add e-liquid to the fill port whilst observing the level through the pod.oxva oneo filling
  • Replace the fill cover tab.
  • Replace the pod in the mod.

How Does the OXVA Oneo Perform?

There are 2 pods included in the kit and getting the best performance from them means selecting the right e-liquid.

The 0.4ohm is a higher power, lower resistance pod, so it is suitable for thicker (higher VG) e-liquids (more PG = thinner e-liquid, more VG = thicker e-liquid). Also anything over around 6mg of nicotine strength will be quite harsh in here.

This pod seems to be more tailored towards a DTL (Direct To Lung) or RDL (Restricted Direct Lung) style of vaping.

oneo pod options

The 0.6ohm pod is a kind of hybrid – might be suitable for MTL and might be suitable for RDL. Therefore my e-liquid choice is a bit tricky. It is on the boundary of being suitable for 50/50 VG/PG e-liquid usually used in MTL kits, plus it may be OK with up to 70% VG (thicker e-liquid). So I will test both types in this pod.

If the e-liquid is too thick for the supplied coil wicking holes it may clog them and burn the coil out prematurely. When the e-liquid is too thin it can cause spitting, harsh vaping and possible leaks.

If you want to use higher nicotine / nic salt strength 50/50 e-liquid you will need to purchase the 0.8ohm pod which hopefully will be more targeted to MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping. However this is not included in the kit and wasn’t supplied so I cannot test out this theory.

If any of these terms are over your head – have a read of our handy guides below!

  • MTL V DTL V RDL – A Guide To Vape Styles
  • VG and PG in E-liquid – all you need to know
  • Beginners guide to E-liquid
  • Nic Salt E-liquid

0.4ohm Oneo Pod Cartridge

For this pod I used the Choppa Collection Blue Slush which has a ratio of 64%VG / 36%PG. I have not added any nicotine / nic shots to this.

What can I say about the flavour?

Absolutely outstanding! I have had sub ohm tanks running at 70W that haven’t tasted this good!

The flavour is pure, the output is warm (without becoming uncomfortably hot) – which tells me the power output of the mod is perfectly in tune with the coil.

You won’t be getting plumes of clouds, plus I am using slightly lower VG e-liquid so that has likely impacted the volume of vapour.

If I could give this pod 20 out of 10 I would. It really is that incredible.

This tiny pod kit would out-perform many of its bigger rivals.

I have refilled this 10 times and the flavour is still perfection.

0.6ohm Oneo Pod Cartridge

I will be testing this with my own IVG Bubblegum e-liquid made from the IVG concentrate. It is 50/50 VG/PG ratio with 6mg nicotine salt added.

I will also try the Ruthless Energy Drank, Short Fill e-liquid in here which is 70%VG / 30%PG.

Sadly I had a few connection issues with this pod, if I removed the pod the mod would struggle to recognise it. It took a few minutes of jiggling the pod about to get the LED to illuminate to show the pod was connected.

However I will discuss this further in the Mod Performance section below.

50/50 VG/PG E-liquid

With the 50/50 6mg e-liquid the flavour was epic but due to having over 40% PG it becomes harsher on the throat. So this pod will work with 50/50 e-liquid and it didn’t leak but it would be better for over 60% VG e-liquid.

If you are looking for an excellent throat hit, the dry mouth sensation you would get from smoking and pure clean flavour this is the pod for you. Add some 50/50 e-liquid with up to 10mg nic salt / nicotine strength and I doubt you will be craving a ciggie!

If you find this a bit too harsh I recommend using a lower nicotine strength or purchasing the 0.8ohm pod.

70/30 VG/PG E-liquid

It is worth trying a thicker e-liquid to see if the coil inside the pod can cope with it.

I have not added any nicotine as I don’t want to dilute the flavour!

The flavour is just as excellent and pure, plus there is a huge increase in vapour. It is not designed to be a cloud chucker but the fact it can handle higher VG without burning out the coil means it is perfect for out and about.

Excellent performance for e-liquids from 50/50 up to 70/30. I probably wouldn’t risk any higher than 70% VG if I were you. Unless you had a new pod on standby!


I use a rating system for airflow – 0= fully closed and 10= like breathing unrestricted fresh air!

As this is adjustable and there are 2 different pod resistances I will try and gauge the range of airflow adjustment available.

With both pods and the airflow fully closed I would rate this around a 1 on the scale – it isn’t fully closed and you can still get a vape, but it is very hot! With the airflow fully open I would say this is around 8 – which is just a very slight restriction.

Therefore the range of adjustment is huge, from 1 to 8 means that all styles from MTL, RDL and even DTL are covered. Incredible.

Mod Performance

I think there was an issue with the pod connection on the Blue kit I received. The 0.4ohm pod had no issues at all, however with the 0.6ohm pod it would struggle to connect. A minute or two of wiggling and wobbling the pod would eventually result in connection.

So to see if this was a pod or mod fault I tried the 0.6ohm pod on the Black kit and there was no issue at all.

But this is still not conclusive as the Blue kit was perfect with the 0.4ohm pod, therefore I am not 100% sure whether the device or pod was at fault? A very weird problem that I could not fathom out.

So there will be some marks dropped for build quality.

But otherwise I had no issues so I will look at the positive aspects of the mod!

Considering this has such a huge range of airflow adjustment you could assume that the auto draw sensor might struggle. But it doesn’t at all! Firing was quick whatever setting the airflow slider was in.

The 3 puff adjustment of the LED light patterns is weird, but it does work. The single colour patterns are simple, but the multi-colour pattern does not display the battery charge status until it has finished cycling through the colours so you might find that annoying – even though it is really pretty.


Sometimes after filling there would be a flooding sensation – the airflow felt like there was e-liquid in and it would gurgle when inhaling. I had this on both pods.

It was easily cleared by blowing through the airflow inlet on the mod, if that doesn’t work, remove the pod, wrap tissue around the base and blow through the mouthpiece and it will clear until you fill again.

This didn’t happen on every fill, but I had it on several occasions with both pods.

Due to this there was sometimes a dribble of e-liquid in the pod compartment of the mod, but once mopped up it was bone dry until I got one of those flooding moments.

So I don’t believe the pod actually leaks, it seems more to be like pressure in the pod when filling – which isn’t venting out fully and pushing e-liquid out of a seal somewhere.

Battery Life

This is a higher power kit so the battery life will be shorter than a usual pod kit running at only 10W.

With the 0.4ohm coil, I have to admit, I was loving it that much I hammered the vaping. Plus there was no nicotine in my e-liquid so I could pretty much vape in an unlimited way. Therefore I got between 4 and 5.5 hours of vaping to one charge. This was roughly 3 to 4 pod fills per charge, and remember these are the 3.5ml pods so anything from 10 to 14ml of e-liquid vaped per charge.

With the 0.6ohm pod I was using e-liquid with nicotine, plus the lower output meant the battery did last a lot longer. I got 7 hours from each charge – equivalent to 10ml of e-liquid per charge.


  • Love the removable top cap
  • Large bright LED indicator
  • Branding has been kept to a minimum and legal logos resigned to the base for a smooth classy look
  • 0.4ohm pod performs better than some sub ohm tanks – it is amazing!
  • 0.6ohm pod was suitable for 50/50 up to 70/30 e-liquids – so pretty versatile!
  • Huge range of airflow adjustment from MTL, RDL up to DTL!
  • Build quality is generally good with no rattles or wobbly bits


  • Instructions are OK, but did omit information on what to expect from the LED when charging.
  • The pod is too dark, it could do with being clearer as it is hard to see the e-liquid level when in use.
  • Connection issues with one pod, unsure if pod or device at fault.
  • Pods sometimes flooded after filling, possible air lock / pressure issue?
  • If you use the multi-colour light setting, you won’t immediately see the battery level colour indication until the colour cycle has finished.

OXVA Oneo Final Review Verdict

The vape from this kit is immense, as is the general quality.

Unfortunately there were a couple of issues…

Sadly a connection issue mentioned above did knock down the build quality score, which is a shame as otherwise the quality was excellent and the kit still looks brand new.

Also the other let down was the flooding of the pod after filling. This didn’t happen every time, but I did have this occur with both pods. I think this is down to air locks / excess pressure in the pod when filling. Once sorted it didn’t leak or flood until it came back to refill time.

The method of adjusting the LED pattern is a bit strange, you need to do 3 very short inhales in 1.5 seconds. Which is just very odd, but it does work!

But to swing back into the positive category I was utterly blown away with the quality of flavour from the 0.4ohm pod, it thrashes other pod kits and even sub ohm tanks – it is that good!

The 0.6ohm pod is an excellent performer too, being able to use 50/50 e-liquid up to 70/30 quite happily.

I didn’t have any connection issues with the other kit I received, so I might have just been unlucky with the Blue kit.

Otherwise if you want a vape to rival some of the best sub ohm tanks out there, without having to lug a heavy box mod around, then the OXVA Oneo is worth picking up. Especially as a second kit for when out and about as it is very pocket friendly.


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Article Title:OXVA Oneo Review – Performs Like A Sub Ohm Tank!

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